Committees of the Vidyalaya for the Academic Year 2018-19 

1. Admission Committee : * I/C Secondary - Mrs. Renju Leopold (PGT Comp. Sci.)
  * I/C Primary - Mrs. Rekha Sundar (HM)
  * Mrs. R. Amudha (TGT Eng) 

* Mr. T. Sai Prasath (PRT Music) 
Objective : To admit maximum allotted number of students.
Task Verifying the required documents and admitting the students.
Plan : Draw up the selected list of candidates for admission .
2. Furniture Committee                       : * I/C Mr. K Selva Kumar (TGT Sci)
  * Mr. Parveen Kumar (TGT AE)
  * Mr. Sanjay (PRT)
Objective : Provide good and adequate furniture for students as per KVS norms.
Task : Purchase of furniture as required , condemning unserviceable furniture , Polishing or Varnishing and attending minor repairs.
Plan : Make a survey for drawing up requirement for purchase , call for quotations and make the purchases.
3. Examination Committee                  :  *I/C Mrs. Rubina Pasha (PGT Bio)
NIOS Mrs. Rubina Pasha (PGT Bio)
 CBSE /Secondary Mr. K.Selvakumar (TGT Sci.)

Mrs. G. Vijayalakshmi  (TGT Maths)
  Mrs. Padmavathy (PGT (Chem))
  *Mrs. Velmeenal (PGT Maths)
Primary * Mrs. Manimekalai (PRT)
  * Mr. Choudhari Sanjay Suryakant (PRT)
  * Ms. Waghmare Vishakha (PRT)
Objective : Smooth conduct of Periodic Tests, Half Yearly and Session Ending Examination and analyzing results.
Task : Draw up the Time-Table conduct exams smoothly and analyze the result.
Plan : Draw up the Time - Table , collect question papers , Blue print and Answer Key in advance, Prepare invigilation duty and conduct exams. .
4. Time – Table Committee                 : * I/C Mrs. Geetha Gopalan, PGT (English)
  * Mrs. Renju Leopold (PGT Comp.Sci.)
 Primary * I/C Ms. Sarah Shiela Antony (PRT)
  * Mr. T.Sai Prasath (PRT Music)
Objective : Allotment of subjects and classes and work allotment as per staff sanctioned, Giving block periods in each subject, giving subject wise or classwise CAL / TAL allotment, Flexibility in Time - Table to make class time - table interesting, Everyday all scholastic subjects to be taught.
Task : Make Time - Table for regular classes , Remedial classes and arrangement work
Plan : Prepare Time - Table in March for distribution on March 30, Changes to be made according to requirement, Bridge course allotment for class VI in April and class XI in July.
5. CCA Committee                             : VI - VIII * I/C Mrs. R. Amudha(TGT English)
                                                               IX-XII * I/C Mrs. Poonam Singh(PGT Hindi)
  * Mrs. Maya V. (TGT English)
Objective : Smooth conduct of CCA .
Task : Plan annual and fortnightly CCA and execute plan printed in Diary, National Integration and Religious tolerance, Providing healthy competitions .
Plan : Make a schedule , judgment sheet to be prepared and points to be recorded house wise, participating in inter school competitions , contribution to CBSE Sahodaya Acitivities  .
6. Academic Council          :

* I/C Mrs Geetha Gopalan(PGT English)

  * Mrs. Rubina Pasha (PGT Bio)
  * Mrs. N Saraswathi (TGT S St.)
  * Mrs. Ahila Bai Rita (PRT)

* Mrs. Rekha Sundar (HM)
Objective : Smooth functioning of the academics of the school.
Task : Reviewing the subject committee meeting, moderation of results and quality dimensions of KVS to be followed , arriving at correct PI targets at vidyalaya level . Achieving the same . Allotment  of non scholastic periods to subject teachers to meet the needs of low achievers
Plan : Reviewing the subject committee meetings, Enriching the Library with reference books and periodicals and softwares  .
7. Teaching Aids Committee               : * I/C Mrs. N Saraswathi (TGT S St.)
  * Ms Sarashiela Antony (PRT)
Objective : Provide suitable Teaching Aids .
Task : Procuring new stock after drawing up quotations entry in register and issue of aids to teachers.
Plan : Take stock of teaching - aids , place orders for buying of new materials , procurement of new materials based on needs of various students , purchase of CDs , Models , Charts  and Stationary .
8. CMP Committee                             : * I/C Mrs. Rekha Sundar (HM)
  * All Primary Teachers ( Members )
Objective : Purchase articles worth Rs 2000/- towards activity tools , purchasing new blocks for class rooms libraries , Exchanging CDs with cluster KVs.
Task : Implementation of all resolutions passed in cluster CMP meeting.
Plan :  Procurement of new materials based on needs of various students , purchase of CDs , Models , Charts  and Stationary .
9. Guidance & Counseling                  : * I/C Mr. K Selva Kumar (TGT Sci)
AEP Committee *I/C Mrs. Geetha Gopalan (PGT Eng)
  * Mr. K Selva Kumar (TGT Sci)
  * Nurse
ACP Committee

* Mrs. N Saraswathi (TGT S St.)

* Mrs. G. Vijayalakshmi(TGT Maths)

Objective : To provide Guidance and Counseling to students.
Task : Finding the problems faced by students , Arranging Lectures by eminent persons, Displaying suitable information for behavioral counseling and career counseling  .
Plan : Annually planned guest lectures , discussion  .
10. CAL / TAL Committee                 : * I/C Mrs. Renju Leopold (PGT Comp. Sci.)
  * Mr. Choudhari Sanjay Suryakant (PRT) (Primary)
  * Mr C Murthy/ Mr. V. Kannaian (Sub Staff)
Objective : Proper use of CAL / TAL for teaching and learning upgrading the technology , computer software from Time to  Time, forming training and trainee groups for equipping teachers in CAL / TAL techniques.
Task : Provide facilities for CAL / TAL , maintenance of CAL / TAL register , Purchase of CAL / TAL material planned.
Plan : Provide facilities in AV rooms for use of CAL / TAL.
11. Club – Activities Committee          :  

Eco Club

* Mrs. Rubina Pasha, PGT (Bio)

Readers Club

* Mrs. R. Amudha (TGT English)

Dramatic/ Art Club

* Mr.Parveen Kumar(TGT Art.)

* PGT(Hindi)

Maths Club

* Mrs. G Vijayalakshmi (TGT Maths)


Objective : To nurture the activities of students in various fields.
Task : Tracks, Cleaning committee which monitor the work of students etc, Regional and cluster level and inter school participation in competitions  .
Plan :  Activities to further the interest of students in various fields  .
12. Scout and Guide / Cubs and Bulbuls Committee          : * Mr. Rajeshwaran (TGT PHE)
  * Mr. Parveen Kumar (TGT AE)
  * Mr. Sai Prasath (PRT)

* Mrs. Bindu Nishad (PRT)

* Ms. Sarah Shiela Antony(PRT)

* Mr. Choudhari Sanjay Suryakant (PRT)

* Ms. Swati (PRT)

Objective : To impart the importance of Scouting and Guiding moments.
Task : Teaching students , Helping students to maintain Note Book with regard to activities, arranging for tracks etc , Training for Rajya Puruskar, Celebration of day of importance all faith prayer  .
Plan : Activities are planned to prepare student for Scout and Guide  .
13. Magazine Committee                     : * I/C Mrs Geetha Gopalan(PGT English)
  * PGT Hindi
  * Mrs. R. Amudha (TGT English)
  * TGT Sanskrit
  * All language Teachers
  * Ms. Sarah Shiela Antony (PRT)
Objective : To publish a Magazine including the creative work of students and teachers.
Task : Information to students collecting contributions, editing ,  proof reading etc  .
Plan : Invite contribution edit the articles and publish them after getting quotations.
14. Beautification/Gardening : * Mr. Parveen Kumar (TGT AE)
  * Mrs. Sumathi (SUPW Coach)
Objective : Maintenance of a proper garden.
Task :  Planting of flowering plants and trees, daily monitoring the weeding of the gardens , watering etc.
Plan : Informing the super visor , clean and clear surroundings and waste management.
15.Web – Site Updating                 :

* Mrs. Renju Leopold (PGT Comp. Sci.)

* Mrs. Geetha Gopalan (PGT English)

* PGT Hindi

* Computer Instructors

Objective : To construct , update and maintain school web site.
Task : to construct the web site .
Plan : Update the web site periodically with instructions from regional office and higher authorities.
16. Primary Resource Room: * Mr. Sai Prasath (PRT)